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Oh K-Bobby!

Oh K-Bobby!

11/7/2009 12:00:00 AM
By Aneka Stewart

Nassau, Bahamas -- Sharp cuts, fun hues, long lines, bold shoes!
Sheer tops, odd shapes, cool briefs, straight face!

It’s the second night of the second season of Islands of the World Fashion Week and versatile, Jamaican designer, K- Bobby is in full gear to showcase his designs.

The packed room kept their eyes glued on the runway as muscular men emerged from the curtains decked out in eco-friendly Burlap reflecting full length slacks and edgy vests. Up next was a collection of easy fitting briefs in basic shades like grey and brown topped with relaxing marinas. This was not only a showcase of basics but a collection of everything from swim wear to evening wear.

K- Bobby knows his stuff!

Surfacing from St. Catherine, Jamaica, K- Bobby knew design was his calling at the tender age twelve as he designed and constructed gowns for brides, bride’s maids, beauty queens, grooms and groomsmen. There is not doubt that he knows both a male and female body.

Up next was a collection of mismatched cotton button downs paired with dark denims and bossin’ shoes. Horizontal and vertical lines added much character to these pieces.

Speaking of characters, touches of camouflage, floral, African embellishments, satin and suede were evident in K- Bobby’s designs.

‘K- Bobby has a passion for fashion. He is always flooded with ideas for designs and that’s why there are so many different styles in his collection,’ said Mauva Gacitua, stylist and publicist for K-Bobby Couture.

And indeed she was right on! His designs were way outside the box. There were well fitted pants with fringed hems, high waist bands, vests, uneven skirt hems and layered tanks. K- Bobby definitely has a drive and motivation for making great clothes.

Claiming the stage next was dangerous animal prints. Blue leopard print and classic brown leopard stood out on those loose fitting button downs that hung on the bodies of those buff models.

Details! Details! Details! K- Bobby used oversize shinny pins to hold together Burlap two pieces and skirts. Whether being added to the sides of skirts or neatly placed at the bust, it was a winner and most certainly a focal point.

Just when you thought Bobby’s horizontal and vertical lines, meshed with shinny pins on eco-friendly fabrics was enough of a surprise, he wows the crowd with something reminiscent of his native Jamaica: a saturated lime green strapless joined to a sunny yellow mini- skirt. Those mini- skirts were also presented in unleveled, spunky layers to add some fun and excitement to the line.

It has been more than ten models in and Bobby keeps at it with a surprising gown collection. Beautiful bronze, fresh pink and bold black on shimmering silk was of a pleasant surprise. Models strutted their way down the runway clad in evening gowns that demanded the attention of the audience and more so, the attention of anyone that may hear about it.

Fashion is about self expression and innovative ideas. It is about seeing beyond what others had seen and creating a medium for others to view it in a different light. Fashion is pulling out the ideas from your ever changing imagination and translating it on a canvas. K- Bobby has expressed himself. He had innovative and daring ideas and without a doubt, he brought those ideas to light on the runway.(Check out our press gallery for photos of last night's event.)
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