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Darcel de Vlugt creates a fairy tale at IWFW

11/6/2009 12:00:00 AM
By Donnielle Mackey

Nassau, Bahamas -- The statement, “Toto, I don’t think we’re in The Bahamas anymore” could describe the feeling that designer, Darcel de Vlugt brought to the second edition of Islands of the World Fashion Week (IWFW).

An enchanting choreography of ruched and ruffled dresses with dramatically staged struts resonated throughout de Vlugt’s collection, which was also part of the NextGen designer presentation.

de Vlugt who said, “fashion should always be more than simply clothing…” held firm to this statement as the models along with her pieces embodied an array of different characters ranging from playful flirts to sexy dominatrix.

The embellishments of glittering branch-like twisted hair pieces and toe flowers made her line stand out because of their consistent simplicity and selected accessorizing.

“Style is such an essential part of fashion,” de Vlugt said. “It represents an attitude an outlook and the way something is worn not just that an item that is currently ‘in fashion’ is worn.”

Rich island colors like mustard, chocolate brown, leaf greens and splashes of golds glittered under the strobe lights around the rectangular runway.

Hailing from the island of Trinidad, de Vlugt brought an astute eye for glitz and daring glamour. One outfit was a long white ruffled skirt with a vine of hot pink flowers as a top.

“As long as one portrays some kind of personal truth in their style and choice of fashion,” says de Vlugt, “then they will always be wearing their clothes rather than allowing their clothes to wear them.”
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