Past Designers

Designers who have graced the runways of Islands of the World Fashion Week since its inception include the following:

International Guest Designers:
Designer   Country
Peter Ingwersen/ NOIR Illuminati II    Sweden
Nick Verreos/ Nikolaki   U.S.A. 
Kenneth Cole   U.S.A.  
Kevan Hall   U.S.A. 
Leanne Marshall   U.S.A. 
Henry Jackson   U.S.A. 
b michael   U.S.A. 

Designers from The Islands:
Designer   Country
Christine Demeritte   The Bahamas
Apryl Weech   The Bahamas
Jeannie McQueeny   The Bahamas
Lisa Humes   The Bahamas
La Bonne Vie    The Bahamas 
Elements   The Bahamas
Harl Taylor BAG   The Bahamas
Carlos Valentino     The Bahamas
Opama   The Bahamas
Garfi Designs   The Bahamas
House of St. John   The Bahamas
Phylicia Ellis   The Bahamas
Sabrina Sturrup   The Bahamas
Kevin Evans   The Bahamas
Hesani Cay Designs   The Bahamas
ICandy Swimwear   The Bahamas
Designer    Country  
Luna Design    Barbados 
Four Seasons Colonade    Barbados 
Navazoe    Barbados 
Designer     Country   
Trefle   British Virgin Islands
Designer    Country 
Carmen Fiol    Cuba 
Designer    Country  
Hupfeld Hoerder    Fiji 
Designer     Country   
Patrick Lafrontiere    French Guiana 
Designer     Country  
Jessie-Ann Jessamy     Grenada 
Designer     Country  
David Andre/ Sun, Sex, Sea      Haiti 
Murielle Leconte      Haiti  
Designer     Country  
Nadya     Indonesia 
Designer      Country   
Desreen Waller      Jamaica 
Lamaica Fashion      Jamaica 
K-Bobby      Jamaica 
Designer     Country  
Eric Raisina      Madagascar 
Designer     Country  
Kuumba Designs      St. Lucia 
Designer     Country  
Poshelle     St. Vincent
Soka     St. Vincent 
Tami B Designs      St. Vincent 
Deb E Barbour      St. Vincent 
Natural Beats      St. Vincent 
Kimmystic. Clo      St. Vincent 
Kimya Glasgow      St. Vincent  
Designer     Country  
Darcel Van der Vlugt      Trinidad 
Heather Jones Designs      Trinidad 
Breeze by Claudia Pegus      Trinidad 
Shaun Griffith Perez      Trinidad